Passenger Focus Bus Passenger Survey Methodological overview – Autumn 2011 (published March 2012)

13 March 2012

Passenger Focus first established the Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) in April 2009 to generate a robust and comprehensive measure of bus passengers’ journey experience within our remit area (England outside of London). The survey is an objective measure of the experience bus passengers have of individual journeys and it covers: the bus stop environment, punctuality, ‘on bus’ comfort, the standards of the bus driver, together with overall journey satisfaction and value for money ratings.

The methodology used in this wave of the survey is essentially the same as that deployed in previous waves of the survey through 2009 and 2010, together with refinements made as a result of experience gained.

This document describes the methodology used in the BPS autumn 2011 wave.

Methodological overview (updated June 2012).pdf
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