Around five per cent of rail and more than 20 per cent of bus journeys are made by people with a disability or long-term illness; but accessibility is also an issue for those travelling with heavy luggage or small children.

Transport Focus works to support improved accessibility on rail, bus, coach and tram, and to ensure that the views of passengers with disabilities are driving change. 

Passenger Assistance

Click here to find out more about the service provided by train companies to disabled passengers and others who require assistance with any part of their train journey.

Accessibility forum April 2014

We held our most recent accessibility forum in April and we presented analysis of data from our Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) and National Rail Passenger Survey (NRPS) in relation to passengers who told us that they had a disability. You can see this by clicking on the link: BPS and NRPS accessibility analysis 2013.

We presented the findings of our Passenger Assist mystery shopping research which can be downloaded by following this link: Passenger Assist research presentation.

We also have a summary report of this research. Click the link that follows to download it:

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Passenger Assist summary report

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