As good as new?

01 February 2013

One of the companies that owns trains and then leases them to train operators, Eversholt, has taken the positive step of actually building a mock-up of what one of their current trains could look like if extensively refurbished. The coaches are currently some of those used on East Coast trains. The aim of this is to pitch a product to new franchisees and offer a lower price alternative to the much delayed and very costly Intercity Express Programme trains.

The result? Have a look at the pictures below. Clear, crisp, quality feeling with leather seats and very useful new reservation traffic lights – busy all journey, part reserved or free. Interesting concepts that deserve attention. Best of all they based much of their plans on what passengers have said. We have carried out a lot of research on what passengers like and don’t like about current trains and it’s good to see that our work has been used in this way.

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