Big win for passengers

09 June 2015

As I wrote in my blog a few weeks ago Transport Focus has been pushing for some time for delayed passengers to be able to claim cash instead of vouchers. So this weekend it was great news to hear the rail industry say that this will be changed this summer. While the details are yet to be announced this is a big win for common sense and passengers.

However, our research found that a massive 88 per cent of passengers who are eligible for compensation for their delay are still not claiming. This research also found that once passengers have made one compensation claim they are more likely to do so again. The rail industry has now got to make it easier for passengers to claim. Passenger rights shouldn’t be hidden away as contractual ‘small print’ with passengers left to fend for themselves. Whether it be announcements on the train when it has been delayed for a certain amount of time or posters at stations, or notices on web sites after disruption, it is obvious that companies still have a long way to go.

Whilst almost half of train companies have adopted the Delay Repay guarantee which entitles passengers to compensation after 30 minutes, some companies are yet to sign up. Isn’t it about time the train companies got together and took the same stance on this?

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