Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive

12 February 2013

So said Wordsworth about something else, but I often feel like this when I get a seat on the Tube. Having moved office last autumn my commute has changed. The Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line has few direct trains anymore so, if going northwards, you usually have to change at Kennington. Simple, short walk and, if you’re lucky, a train comes fresh and empty out of the sidings and everyone can get on.

However, the tonic of a direct train in the morning or evening is amazing. It really cheers me up. Getting a seat is even better. It just means that 30 minutes is spent reading comfortably, not being buffeted around. This is a microcosm of what most passengers want – you can see the power of wanting direct trains and a decent chance of getting a seat. It just makes the journey more bearable.

Yes, I have chosen to live and work in London and, yes, I could move closer in, but commuting never feels like a choice over which you have much control. Adding in above-inflation fare rises year after year just adds to the feeling of dull resentment. But those little things can make such a difference.

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