Bus Passenger Survey gets to core of what passengers want

25 March 2015

“Reduce journey time. 30 minutes is tiring.”

“Less heavy use of brakes by the driver…”

“Would like a bit more leg room behind the seats…”

These are just a few of the thousands of comments we have gathered during the latest Bus Passenger Survey.

We know that when bus companies and local authorities act on the findings of the survey it has a direct result for passengers. For example, First Bus in the West of England Partnership area scored 61 per cent for value for money – an increase from 33 per cent two years ago. Our survey underpinned this change and First Bus has said it saw an increase in bus usage as a result.

We have followed up the results of the survey with over 50 meetings with local authorities and bus companies across the UK. We discussed the results, action plans for improvement and how we can help.

Overall bus passengers continue to report good levels of satisfaction, with around nine in ten satisfied. This is just the tip of the iceberg – there is a wealth of useful data to be explored. This is easier now as we have just launched a data explorer. Have a look here: http://data.passengerfocus.org.uk/bus/

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