Cardiff Bus – smile please!

30 January 2013

I took a Cardiff Bus service from Cardiff Central down to the Bay earlier this month. The information was good at the bus stop; real-time info and fares information so I knew I was in a for an exact fares experience. The bus, a bendy bus, was clean and had a very well designed interior. There were quite a few other passengers. Was it value for money? I had forgotten to get Plus Bus so at £1.70 adult fare each way, not cheap but OK.

So, all in all this was a great consumer experience?

No – the driver was, frankly, miserable. His face seemed quite incapable of movement. I said thank you, as I always do even in London, when getting on a bus. You should acknowledge other human beings. Lots of the passengers were going down to the Bay on a sunny day, were in a good mood and looking forward to a day out. A passenger and their helper needed to get off. The ramp was lowered – surely this would lead to some interaction? No, sadly not.

Very few other businesses could survive with such a frosty face to customers. Such a shame as the rest of the operation seems really good. We met the managing director later in the day and were very impressed by the outfit.

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