Driving over the Pennines and back

16 October 2015

As part of our getting to know the Strategic Road Network tour, Guy Dangerfield and I ventured over the Pennines on the M62, down the M1 and back across the Peak District on the A628.

We had relatively good weather with a damp and slightly foggy start to the day. There was very heavy traffic westbound on the M62 and it was steep! You can see how lorries might struggle in worse weather. Roadworks were taking place on the Manchester end to convert it into a smart motorway. On this occasion lots of work was visibly going on during the day.

The M1 was very uneventful, despite the long section of roadworks. But the A628 is more of a challenge. Trucks, cars and motorbikes, plus the odd cyclist, climb and wind in stunning scenery, but not a great route for getting between Sheffield and Manchester.  Bumper to bumper through Hollingworth and Mottram to get onto the M67.  Not good either for the through traffic or the locals.

Came back convinced on need for road and rail tunnel through the Pennines/Peaks.
Mist on the M62


Roadworks on the M62


Congestion on the M62


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