Flying – agh!

10 September 2010

Off to the Continent for holiday with kids means taking the once a year flight. What an unpleasant experience all round as you progress through the circles of hell, the component parts of which seem to have no connection with each other.

We get up at a really early hour where we are met by check-in stress (luggage, kids plus, of course, we failed to check-in online as we ran out of time). The airline staff are good and head straight for someone to help them use the check-in machine.

Security – much improved but horrible, degrading process. We show our passports and are finally out into the bright retail heaven of the terminal. By this time you have been up for hours and feel very light headed…coming back, a dismal handling of disruption – there is much to learn from the rail industry on this. No information, staff milling around, reason given for delay does not look very valid and all done in great heat with my 85-year-old dad starting to look faint. Largely Brits coming home so no one complained!

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