Fresh thinking from Tunbridge Wells

29 January 2015

It’s not often in transport that you come across a plan that genuinely takes you back. However, Tunbridge Wells has done just that.

Pembury Road, that snakes through Southborough from the A21 to and from Tunbridge Wells is notorious for traffic. Buses get snared up in it the whole time as only part of the route can actually fit in bus lanes.

So the council has proposed putting ‘pods’, running along cycle lane wide tracks, along the route. Simply jump in, press the button for where you want to go and off they whisk. They are used at Heathrow Airport and seem to work well. Click here to read an extract from the local paper which gives more details.

Science fiction? No, it could happen if the political will is there. Doing nothing, with a rising population, does not seem an option.

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