The great Easter getaway – make it a safe one

18 April 2019

As the sun emerges, the nation (or at least part of it) is packing the car or the wheelie bag and heading off for the Easter break. The usual news stories come around with thudding predictability. Congestion on the roads as millions head off. Chaos on the railways as engineering works paralyse the network.

Yes, the roads will be much busier than usual but Highways England, as it does every major holiday, will pause roadworks on the major roads to ensure a smoother flow of traffic. Yes, there is a lot of work on the railways as investment and improvement are dug in but most of the network is open. Rail passenger numbers are much lower, so it is a better time to do engineering works. The buses, the unsung heroes of transport, will carry on what they do every day.

The acid test, as ever, is the experience on the day. Did you know about the rail works? Is the bus replacement well organised and good quality? Are there staff around to help? On the roads does your journey match the timetable you have set in your head or which Google predicts for you. If there are disruptions due to breakdowns or an accident are they dealt with well and quickly and is the information useful?

We all want and need resilient, reliable transport networks. But the overriding objective should be safe ones. Partly in your and other’s hands on the roads but the information and design of the roads does play a part.

As ever, I’d love to hear your feedback about your journeys. Tweet Transport Focus and tell me about your experience on the day.

So, have a great Easter and travel safe.

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