Information, information and more information!

09 November 2012

Our research keeps on finding that passengers seem to have an insatiable appetite for information. They want more of it delivered in all sorts of different ways. This is never truer than when things go wrong – the moment of truth for all transport providers. How you deal with passengers when the promises have been broken and they turn to you for assistance is a key moment. Speaking at a conference recently about ‘real-time’ passenger information made me think more deeply about this.

Interesting time for this debate – as app developers are taking the lead in this area passengers will still need re-assurance about the source of information. Building trust is crucial here – while there have been huge steps forward in the provision of travel information in the last few years, far too often passengers are inclined to trust each other more that the ‘official’ information. Building that trust up is going to be crucial. Passengers want to be able to trust the information being presented to them. Trust is the most intangible and least measureable element of so many relationships – you either do or you don’t!

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