King’s Cross in action

14 May 2012

So, how is the ‘new’ King’s Cross faring? On a busy Thursday evening a number of things strike you. The design in fundamentally good and strong – it still makes a real impression and the new roof to the old train shed lets light flood in. Lots of people eating, drinking and shopping like it has all been there for years. Lots of passengers milling around, but the information boards are plentiful. You do wonder how on earth all these passengers used to fit in that tiny space before. Of course, if you know about the over bridge it means you can drop down to the standard class carriages with far fewer people around. Things which are still to be proved? The ticket hall is curiously hard to see behind the lattice steelwork and I still do wonder if the one way flows of passengers will need to be reviewed at some stage. But overall, great.

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