London Midland value for money

06 May 2015

Value for money on the way to Birmingham. It’s interesting looking at London Midland’s fares to and from Birmingham and London Euston.

An Off-peak return – a flexible useful ticket which you can use out of Birmingham on the 07.54 and can be used until the early evening to come back is priced at £29.  Yes, at just over two hours it does take longer than Virgin. But the price and clarity of the pricing structure is great.  You can see that you can always get this Off-peak return for £29. There is no quota, or being tied into one train, and if you want to trade down for Super Off-peak, which is slightly more restricted, that is even cheaper. If you need the Anytime you can clearly see how you can trade up.

Good clear information and I will give it a try next time.

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