Nice place

01 June 2012

A great example of how the railway industry and community can really do good things. My dad and I headed down to Eridge in Kent. Once a busy rail junction (four platforms!) with trains coming up from Lewes and heading up to London and Tunbridge Wells – the line there was only shut in the 1980s. Now it is the terminus for the Spa Valley Railway trains as well as still having a service down to Uckfield.

The Spa Valley have done a fantastic job in restoring the station, bringing some life to it and getting volunteers involved, while Southern have done their part and the National Rail part of the station looks clean and well kept. The heritage trains coincide with the mainline trains, so every couple of hours there is great activity and then the silence returns to this beautiful part of the country…

A somewhat rare Sunday afternoon Southern passenger appeared looking somewhat bemused on the heritage platform while the train masked the arrival and departure of her train to London on the other side. That was an hours extra wait!

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