Post-Olympic blues

17 September 2012

Yes, I admit it, we were addicted. Having failed to get any tickets for the Olympics we applied for lots of Paralympic ones and got the lot. We ended up going five times to the Olympic Park. Now the dust has settled was the transport as good as everyone said?

Don’t forget the transport arrangement were being judged in the context of a series of events that were (pre-Games security aside) supremely well organised. There was really nothing you could complain about. In particular information was good and there were so many people around to help – if you dawdled for more than 30 seconds someone would ask if you were okay.

So, judged in that harsh light the transport was good. The marshalling arrangements for the Javelin trains were severe (train doors shut a good five minutes before departure) it was all easy and, perhaps most importantly, good natured. It will be very interesting to hear what the transport industry thinks it has learned from this extraordinary period.

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