The Euston-St Pancras/King’s Cross trudge

03 December 2014

Getting to and from Euston to St Pancras is horrible. I know that it is not a mass experience but you do see the odd poor devils hauling their luggage up the narrow, potholed pavements and through the poisoned air of the Euston Road.

Some will catch the bus. Others will descend to the inconvenient Euston Square tube and then battle up through the tunnels at St Pancras and King’s Cross. Walking is quicker. We use the route a lot when travelling between our offices in Manchester and Blackfriars – so the Thameslink (sensibly and rightfully re-named at last!) service to City Thameslink is very useful.

As with many things in public transport if you know what you are doing then you can minimise the pain. If you duck behind the vast Crick Institute at St Pancras there is a much quieter route around the back. Hopefully when decisions are made about re-building Euston for HS2 something will be done about the gap.

Similar problems at Birmingham when the new HS2 station opens there will potentially be a hike over to New Street and Moor Street. Perhaps, like moles the answer is to go underground so these super interchanges can be really passenger friendly.

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