The great Easter getaway

28 March 2013

The annual great Easter getaway impending gridlock story seems to have been muted this year. Perhaps the weather, which makes it feel like we are trapped in a perpetual episode of Wallander, has damped down travel enthusiasm and provided other good stories.

Despite the cold there is much work going on to dig in investment into the railways. Reading, yet again, is the scene of major work. Other work is going on around the country. Our mantra, based on our research, has been that industry should, where it can, avoid replacement buses. Give people plenty of advance warning, have lots of staff around and keep the information coming. That way passengers can be as least inconvenienced by the works as possible. Again the use of diverted trains and lots of publicity at Reading seems to indicate some of these messages are getting through.

Has it worked? Only you can be the judge of that. Tell us your good and not-so-good experiences in our forum.

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