The results are in! Rail passengers have their say…

25 June 2014

Over 27,000 rail passengers throughout England, Scotland and Wales have voiced their opinions on their rail journeys. Passenger Focus has just published the Spring (February to April) 2014 ‘wave’ of the National Rail Passenger Survey. This is the 15th year that passengers have been involved in the Survey – this gives us a tremendous history to draw on.

Overall satisfaction has held up – 82 per cent of passengers remain satisfied with their last journey – remember we ask them about the journey they are just starting or are on – not their general views of the industry. As ever, wide variations underlie this figure – both between train companies and different routes. Good to see the value for money scores have risen hopefully reflecting Government decisions to peg regulated fare rises at inflation this January. Interesting, given the weather, how handling disruption scores held up – perhaps reflecting both the obvious severity of the problems and better handling of them by train companies?

Well done to Abellio Greater Anglia and East Coast for significant improvements. However, some other operators have work to do to restore passenger confidence after difficult periods.

We now publish at a glance guides for Great Britain, as well as for each train company. You can also search the data yourself using our open data tool. Go and have a look. There can’t be many industries that get such useful comparative data fed back to them. As ever the key driver behind satisfaction remains getting the trains on time – obvious really but worth stating again and again. It’s the basic promise when you buy a ticket.

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