Travelling by train this Easter?

13 April 2017

I am not writing about engineering works and urging you to check your travel plans for the Easter break (which of course you should anyway!). But a few months ago, we asked our Transport User Panel members about their holiday travel plans and, in particular, why they chose the train.

Many choose travelling by the train because it could be easier and more convenient. Interestingly, a person with a disability told us ‘I can get assistance and know where to say I’m meeting family for pick up’. For some it was a more pleasant and cheaper way to go. Some have few options if they don’t drive or have a car.

But we also asked who people would like to sit with during a three hour train journey. It was viewed as an opportunity for quality time. Some just wanted to be alone ‘Given free choice I’d spend three hours in a carriage by myself. It would make a great change from travelling with hordes of people at rush hour.’!

A third of the answers were about spending a significant amount of time with someone in their family, or a good friend. And around a fifth suggested someone with whom they wanted to have an interesting conversation. Michael Palin, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and David Attenborough all featured, as did Penelope Cruz and George Clooney……

So if you plan to travel by train this Easter, how will you use your journey?

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