We are mucking you around, so we will charge you less…

26 May 2015

The bus industry can sometimes seem so much more passenger focused than the railways. Here is a good example. The re-building of Reading Bridge prompted Reading Buses to do the following!

‘Contingency plans, including the introduction of a special fare, are being put in place by Reading Buses for the duration of works to Reading Bridge.
‘As well as deploying some extra spare buses in the town to help with any serious late running, Reading Buses will be offering a £1 single fare from north of the river, Gosbrook Road and Church Street/Caversham High Street, into town and back.’

Martijn Gilbert, Reading Buses’ chief executive officer, said:
“We recognise that the total closure is essential for works to strengthen the 92-year-old bridge and are sure that the long-term benefits will far outweigh the short-term disruption.
“There will inevitably be an increase in traffic due to one route being closed and this may flow into other nearby routes in the town that don’t cross the river. It will be difficult to predict the exact impact until the works start, but we’ll be doing all we can to keep our buses on time.
“When combined with the £1 special fare, they are clearly the best way to get into town.”’

I could not put it better!

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