Give Bus A Go

09 December 2020

People who use the bus love the bus! Almost nine out of ten bus users told the Transport Focus Bus Passenger Survey they were satisfied with their most recent journey. Research also indicates that around a fifth of car journeys could well be made by bus. Yet many people don’t view the bus as a transport mode of choice.

Transport Focus chose to work in-depth in the West Midlands to encourage many more people in the region to Give Bus A Go. We found some ‘busketeers’, volunteers who tried out ht e bus and reported back on their experience. Read more about them here.

This campaign has been paused as the coronavirus pandemic resulted in general advice to not travel unless necessary.

Give Bus A Go report

The Give Bus a Go report outlined how Transport Focus planned to work in partnership with bus operators and local authorities to identify the barriers to bus as a choice for people in the West Midlands, improve the passenger experience and share good practice with operators and local authorities across the country.
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