Transport Focus Board meeting, London

12 June 2018

The session will provide the Board with a useful opportunity to explore what action Great Western Railway (GWR) has taken over the past year to resolve ongoing issues with its contact centre and whether the lessons from last year’s backlog have been effectively embedded. The meeting also provides the opportunity to discuss wider GWR passenger issues.

There will be a presentation from Mark Hopwood, managing director at GWR.

There will also be a discussion about the timetable crisis. The Board and members of the public are invited to review Anthony Smith’s blog by way of the latest background to this crisis.

This meeting will take place on Tuesday 12 June, 11am to 1.30pm, and is open to the public to attend. The agenda is available here. Please confirm your attendance by emailing

Contact Details

Michelle Calvert
12 June 2018
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