How will Transport Focus deal with my complaint?

29 August 2019

If your complaint is passed to Transport Focus, it undertakes a full and fair investigation into your comments and complaint. It will consider whether the response you received from the company met the following criteria:

  • answered all of the issues that you raised in your complaint
  • was factual and contained accurate information
  • explained how the train company will attempt to prevent a reoccurrence of your complaint, or how it is working to tackle the problem
  • was a personalised reply to your own concerns
  • offered, where appropriate, a level of redress/reimbursement that was appropriate to your complaint and within industry national guidelines
  • was clear and easy to understand
  • was handled within the timescales set by the train company.

If Transport Focus does not think that the company has handled your complaint appropriately then they will ask it to reconsider. If necessary Transport Focus will raise the issue with the management of the company.

You can read a copy of Transport Focus’s own Customer Complaints Handling Procedure