I have lost my season ticket. Can I get it replaced or refunded?

19 July 2012

If you lose or mislay a Season Ticket (or it is stolen) the Train Company will arrange for a duplicate Season Ticket to be issued provided that:

  • the lost season ticket is valid for at least a month,
  • you report the loss as soon as you can ,
  • you agree to return the lost season ticket immediately if you find it and you pay an administrative charge (which will not exceed £20).

If you subsequently lose or mislay your duplicate Season Ticket or it is stolen, then a further duplicate Season Ticket(s) can be issued on the same basis as your first duplicate Season Ticket. However, you may be asked to attend a meeting with the Train Company or Licensed Retailer concerned to explain the circumstances in which your duplicate Season Ticket(s) was lost.

Train companies reserve the right to refuse to issue duplicate Season Tickets if they have reasonable grounds to believe that such requests are being made fraudulently.