Is my station accessible?

06 April 2022

National Rail Enquiries includes a section on its website titled ‘stations made easy’.
This is a database covering all stations in Great Britain providing:

  • diagrams of the layout of each station and its facilities
  • photographs of all facilities at the station – for example, an appropriate ticket office, waiting room, toilets, ticket machine, steps/stairs, footbridge, lifts, seating, car park, location of help points, platform shelters and so on
  • the Plan a Route way-finding guide from the entrance to points within the station can assist you if you are unfamiliar with it to find your way about by using the photographs as landmarks of station geography.

In addition, a text section gives fuller details, of for instance:

  • the station’s accessibility
  • staffing hours when assistance can be provided
  • ticket-office opening times
  • details of the car-parking arrangements and set-down/pick-up points
  • the availability of taxis
  • how to retrieve lost property.

Any sudden changes to a station’s accessibility (perhaps a lift breakdown) which affects your ability to use it should be shown on the station profile within 24 hours of the incident.

We recommend that having checked the details on the National Rail website you confirm with the train company when booking your assistance that no changes to accessibility have taken place since the information on the website was last refreshed.