What happens if I lose (or find) something on the train?

02 May 2018

If you have lost something on a train or at a station you should contact the rail company who you travelled with or the station operator.

Although rail companies have no liability for your lost property, they will take reasonable care of any items found and try to reunite you with your missing items, which are often sent to a central point.

There may be a charge for storing your property and returning it to you which depends on the type of item and the length of time it has been held. At most this will be £2 per day or up to £30. Perishable items and any which the rail company believes may cause injury or inconvenience will be disposed of immediately. Unclaimed items can be sold after three months.

Rail companies do not offer compensation unless the loss or damage was caused by the neglect or default of the company or its staff. Full details are contained in the National Rail Conditions of Travel

If you find an apparently lost item on a station or train you should hand it to a member of staff.