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Bus Passenger Survey takes to the road: driving change for passengers

Transport Focus’s Bus Passenger Survey is a large-scale survey of what passengers thought about their bus journey. This year we spoke to more than 45,000 passengers providing a powerful benchmarked picture of performance across bus companies, owning groups, local authority areas, regions and even nations. Once again, Scotland is included this year but, sadly, not Wales. In its eight year life, over 270,000 bus passengers have taken part.

The full results will be published in March. In the meantime, we are taking the results on the road to bus companies and local authorities. We will be discussing the results, talking about action plans for improvements and trying to improve things for passengers. This year we will be out and about holding around 60 meetings. There is nothing like evidence to drive change for passengers.


  • Bernard Carney

    Design of urban buses needs a. Reviewing. b. Best practice design across the industry. Urban buses in Leeds are not fit for purpose. Maybe elsewhere as well. I commented on the First Leeds Routemaster design. Nothing since. A report I saw was incredibly positive apart some considerations which reflected my comments. Basically it was not fit for Leeds bus users.

    * Fewer people want to use the upper deck. Since the smoking ban schoolkids use it and if the lower deck is full then latest boarding passengers are forced to use it. Not many people want to go upstairs unless they have to, especially young mobile people who once went upstairs but now want a warming from the rear-sited engine with backward-facing seats for putting their feet on.
    * The lower deck has to cater for wheelchairs, buggies, shopping trolleys, shopping bags, suitcases, and animals, not forgetting people of varying mobility capabilities. Current bus design does not cater for this variety of requirement. There is little room for manoeuvre in a vehicle promoted as rapid mass transit. A joke, really.
    * I suggest a starting point of single deck buses with inward-facing seats which fold up/down as required so that when all are up there is an empty floorspace apart from hand/stability-supports.
    * Bus operators sell comfort as though rapid mass transit AND comfort can be achieved. They should be told it is a fallacy. The urban travelling public want to get from one bus stop to another, timely, quickly and safely. It wants a bus service not an “experience”.

    • enosvhi

      How many times do you see standing passengers on buses .Roads are not designed for buses in Leeds not buses .

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