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Road sign not up to scratch? Let us know

Do you regularly see road signs that are unclear? Or have you missed your turnoff because a sign was hidden behind a tree or missing information?

We know the impact inaccurate information can have on journeys. These signs reduce road safety by giving unclear information. As part of our new campaign, Sort My Sign, we’ve tasked Highways England to fix them. The campaign aims to increase the usefulness and effectiveness of information on roads, including messages on electronic signs.

If you’ve recently seen a sign that isn’t to scratch, we want you to report it. Send in your examples of signs on motorways and major ‘A’ roads:

  • you can’t see
  • need fixing
  • you find confusing.

Using this information, we will encourage Highways England to make sure roads are better for drivers. We’ll press Highways England to sort individual problems, and work to get policy change so these things don’t happen in future.

Why is this important? Better information will mean road users make informed decisions in plenty of time, improving safety and reducing stress.


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