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Heat chaos – how was your journey?

How was your journey in the heat?

The extreme heat on Thursday 25 July meant a torrid time for many rail passengers and staff, with lots of trains delayed and cancelled.  If your journey was affected, tell Transport Focus about your experiences here.

Compensation update

Several train companies encouraged passengers not to travel.  That exposed a gap in the Delay Repay compensation regime. Transport Focus is calling for train operators to provide compensation when passengers heed their advice and don’t travel.

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“I am pleased that Govia Thameslink Railway listened to Transport Focus’s message and backtracked.

“But it’s clearly a nonsense that if a train company says ‘do not travel’ the rules are those who stay at home get no compensation, while those who travel and are held up get money back.

“Transport Focus is writing to all train companies asking them to address this weakness in Passenger Charters immediately.”


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