Better information needed amid ongoing rail disruption

10 May 2021

Transport Focus is calling on rail operators to focus on three key areas amid ongoing disruption caused by the withdrawal of high-speed trains for safety checks.

Clarity of information on what services are running, better information on refunds, and management of crowding implications – including being honest that social distancing may not always be possible – should all be central to the industry’s response.

Transport Focus has written to the Rail Delivery Group today asking it to ensure operators are focused on these issues.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, said:

“Safety must come first, but continued disruption is frustrating for passengers. While the rail industry focuses on getting the trains back on track we are pushing and working with train companies and ticket retailers in three key areas.

“It must be clear what is running and when, including which trains will be running the following day. Passengers should be made aware that social distancing might not always be possible on the trains that are operating. Finally, information should be crystal clear on how passengers can claim a refund if they did not travel.”

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