Boosting the experience of cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians on National Highways roads

22 September 2022

“They’ve gone through the effort of giving us a place to walk and cycle but it’s not well looked after. It’s an after thought, isn’t it?” Cyclist

Cyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians across Kent and Sussex have shared how they could feel safer on journeys that interact with National Highways’ roads.

While they understand they are not National Highways’ main focus, cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians still want to be able make journeys safely. Road users wants wider paths, extra crossing points added and more signage.

To improve the experience of cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians, Transport Focus recommends that National Highways:

  • provides better signage alerting drivers to the presence of these users
  • has more separated paths with barriers for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians
  • ensures paths are maintained with good surface quality and improved lighting
  • puts in place more crossing points and look at opportunities to provide joined-up paths.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus said:

“Feeling safe is essential for all road users, including cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians.

“While a lot of the basics are in place, these road users want to see extra focus on improving what’s already there and that National Highways doesn’t overlook them.”

Fallen trees blocking the way get reported but nothing gets done about it.” Pedestrian

“I find the size of the signs is too small. They are often not visible in the distance and are only noticeable when you are close to them. They are often not at all visible at night.” Cyclist

We, spoke to people in the following locations to get their views:

  1. the A26 Beddingham – Newhaven ‘Egrets Way’ cycleway
  2. the A27 between Falmer and Lewes
  3. the A249/M2 Junction 5
  4. the A27 at Arundel
  5. the A21 Tonbridge – Pembury cycle link.

Report: What do cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians want from National Highways?

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