Transport User Voice August 2023 – Chief executive’s editorial

19 July 2023

The passenger voice is being heard

It’s at times like these that we feel the strength and enormity of the passenger voice. As the watchdog we are working through the major proposals from train companies on changes in the way that ticket offices operate.

There are big changes on the way, with impacts and long-term implications for the passenger experience on the railway. We and our partners London TravelWatch have already had over 100,000 responses. Make sure your voice is heard and contact us – the deadline is 26 July.

Meanwhile, National Highways performance continues to be put under strain as traffic levels build in anticipation of the summer getaway over the next few weeks. We are working with them to improve performance and ensure good management of roadworks and incidents. Drivers tell us that reliability is the key factor when using our major roads.

Bus performance continues to be highly variable across England. As government investment reaches local authorities and bus companies it is a shame that some of it will be used to keep current services running. Money is tight so this is understandable but the original intention behind Bus Service Partnerships was to drive investment in more and improved services. The sooner bus funding stabilises the better so we can all focus on today and tomorrow’s services.

Working to rule and strikes continue to plague passengers. These long running disputes show no sign of being settled yet. They will end in compromise as all disputes do. The sooner the better.


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