Compensation announced for rail passengers in the north

28 June 2018

The independent watchdog has welcomed news that commuters in the north will be compensated for recent disruption.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus said:

“The disruption passengers have faced in recent months has been unacceptable, especially around Blackpool, Bolton and the Lakes Line.

“Passengers with season tickets will welcome confirmation they will be compensated in cash. They will want to see the map of areas covered by the scheme as soon as possible.

“We now want to know when regular passengers who don’t use a season ticket, such as part-time workers, will find out what compensation they will be offered in recognition of the impact on their lives.

“We will also continue to press the industry to reduce the trigger for delay compensation from 30 to 15 minutes across the North.

“This is no substitute for the restoration of a full, reliable timetable, but we have been pushing the rail industry to compensate passengers. It’s now important that train companies actively encourage passengers to claim and make it both quick and easy to do so.”

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