Transport User Voice – December 2019 – Could you Give Bus a Go?

28 November 2019

Passengers have their say

“The experience on the bus was very positive. There was free Wi-Fi which allowed me to respond to a few emails and get stuff done!”

In September we challenged a group of non-bus users – the ‘Busketeers’ – across the West Midlands to Give Bus a Go and find out if it would be an option to help them get around.

We knew that those who used the bus, liked the bus. Our Busketeers confirmed that a good network of routes served by consistently punctual and reliable bus services that offer good value for money is critical to both keep people using buses and to persuade other people to Give Bus a Go.

Linda McCord of Transport Focus, and West Midlands Bus Alliance Chair, said:
“Bus operators and local authorities must seize the opportunity to cater for their customers of the future and allow passengers to share their experiences. Breaking down the barriers to bus use and understanding the perceptions of non-users is vital in building a successful bus network.

“The Busketeers’ experiences highlight that buses can be a useful option for getting around sometimes, so why not Give Bus a Go?”

You can read more in our Give Bus a Go report here.

Transport Focus will continue to work in partnership with Transport for the West Midlands, bus operators and local authorities to understand current challenges and trial new initiatives to improve services and the passenger experience.

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