Don’t risk missing the party – check before you travel, Transport Focus warns

10 May 2023

Eurovision partygoers heading to Liverpool for the final could be caught out by rail strike disruption.

Transport Focus, the voice of transport users, warned people to check the trains before they go.

Chief executive Anthony Smith said: “For those planning to head to Liverpool, strikes could really prove a party-pooper. Many people will be infrequent or first-time train users so may not have realised how wide the disruption will be. Our message to all those travelling, for Eurovision or other reasons, is check before you go, and keep checking. Also, be aware trains that are running may be more crowded than you expect.

“We are reviewing passenger information ahead of the weekend, and will be monitoring the passenger experience during the strikes. We will share any issues with the industry straightaway so it can work to manage the impact.”

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