Fares and ticketing review – Passenger Focus response

09 October 2013

The passenger watchdog has responded to news on fare rises.

The Department for Transport has published its Fares and Ticketing Review including a welcome cap on the amount by which train companies can raise regulated fares on routes in England.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of independent watchdog Passenger Focus, said:
“Passengers will be pleased to hear that the amount train companies can raise individual regulated fares by has been limited. We have been calling for this to happen for years – it is a step towards a fairer system. This will allow passengers to plan with a bit more certainty and have confidence that actual regulated fare rises will bear more relation to the figures set by government.”

The review promises more information on tickets, more smarter ticketing options and single-journey pricing to help build passengers’ trust in the fares system. The ongoing commitment to fares regulation and the avoidance of super-peak fares is also welcome.

Responding to the rest of the review, Anthony added:
“It is imperative the rail industry does what it can to ensure that passengers buy the right ticket. It should then be obvious what they have bought and when it can be used. These reforms taken together will, in time, help boost confidence. The price of getting it wrong has now become very high for passengers.”


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