Transport User Voice August 2023 – Helping passengers

20 July 2023

Penalty success and railcard result

Penalty success

Mr S was issued with Penalty Fare Notice (PFN) for travelling on the wrong TransPennine Express (TPE) train. He tried to appeal online, but administrative errors meant the system did not recognise his penalty fare.

Mr S asked Transport Focus for help and we reminded TPE that Mr S must be able to make an appeal regarding the notice. TPE agreed and allowed Mr S to raise an appeal outside of the usual timeframe. Mr S was successful in his appeal and the notice was cancelled.

Railcard result

Mr L received a notification to renew their Railcard. However, because of an error on the Railcard website, the new card was renewed before the old card had expired. Mr L was told that he could not get a refund for the difference in the dates and came to Transport Focus for help.

Following our appeal, National Railcards agreed to help him resolve the issue and issued a full refund.


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