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28 June 2023

Flexi ticket success and a cancellation refund

Flexi-ticket success

Mr E wanted to purchase a flexi-season ticket to London. Avanti West Coast  advised that this type of ticket was not available and would not be introduced. Mr E received the same response from Avanti following an appeal.

After Transport Focus contacted the Rail Delivery Group, who work with all rail operators, Avanti were advised it could provide flexi-tickets on request. Avanti agreed to implement flexi tickets from the following week and reminded its customer service team that they can issue this type of ticket.

A cancellation refund

Mr R had purchased an additional ticket following a cancelled service, not knowing he have could use the original ticket to travel. His request for a refund from the Trainline was originally refused. After Transport Focus appealed the Trainline responded and a gesture of goodwill confirmed a full refund of £31.30 for the additional ticket.


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