How does Transport Focus work for you?

17 June 2015

We are the independent watchdog for rail, bus, coach and tram passengers and for users of the Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Our main aim is to ensure that operators, funders and regulators of transport systems put passengers and road users first.

We gather research and information that allows us to campaign for long-term transport improvements and can step in for rail passengers if they are unhappy with how their complaint has been handled by the train company. Although we are funded by government we  operate independently.

We aim to help the government and the industry make better decisions by:

  • providing advice for industry based on sound research
  • securing improvements to services – both big and small-scale
  • helping passengers with advice and information
  • campaigning for change
  • acting on rail passenger complaints.

Please click the link below to see a detailed timeline of how Transport Focus handles complaints.

Complaints handling procedure timeline

Appealing complaints

Compare how your train company is doing with complaints using our open data tool.

What should you do

  1. We cannot get involved with your complaint until the train company has had the opportunity to resolve it. This webpage will help you see who is most appropriate to contact.
  2. If you are not happy with the outcome or feel it was not handled appropriately, then we may be able to help.
  3. Go to our website to fill out a complaints form. or call this number 0300 123 2350.
  4. If possible, to help us get the best outcome for you, it would be helpful if you could provide the following information:
    •  a summary of the way your complaint was handled including copies of all letters/tickets/documentation involved
    • a summary of why you are not happy with the company’s response or outcome to your complaint.
    • the action you would like the company to take and what would resolve the matter for you
    • any other relevant details you may have.

 What we will do

  1.  We will look at your case and decide if we will be able to take your complaint up with the train company.
  2. We will aim to let you know exactly what we’re doing with your complaint within five working days.
  3. We will carry out a full and fair investigation of your complaint and so will use all of the correspondence between you and the train company that you give us.   
  4. Our senior advisors will work with the train company to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.
  5. If needed we will take the issue up with the senior management of the train company.
  6. There may be periods of high needs for our service, or delays getting information so we will keep you informed of any delays.
  7. If we unable to get your expected outcome, we will try to provide information on other organisations who can help you, or detail work that we are doing to improve the issue you have raised.
  8. We aim to resolve your case within 35 working days – last year 76 per cent were satisfied with our service.
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