High Speed Two (HS2) – a passenger view

24 August 2016

About this presentation

Please click on the ‘Start Prezi’ button above to view our High Speed Two (HS2) passenger panel presentation. The presentation summarises what the panel said in its second year – click the arrow button to view the findings across different stages of the passenger journey.

The presentation may take a minute to load fully as there is a short video embedded.

When you reach the journey map page you can either click through to view all the slides or click on the journey stage in which you are particularly interested.

About the HS2 passenger panel

Since March 2014, our passenger panel has brought passengers’ views to life for HS2. From booking tickets to navigating the station, and locating a seat on board, passengers have expressed their needs and wishes for each stage of the journey.

Further links:

  • a more detailed presentation from the passenger panel can be found here
  • a full report of last year’s findings can be found here.
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