“I think the word smart means it works with your life.”

26 January 2016

This is one of many views expressed by passengers in new research about smart ticketing published today by Transport Focus, the independent watchdog.

Three reports on different aspects of smart ticketing have been published:

  • New types of tickets with smart ticketing: what do passengers think about carnets?
    This research looked specifically at the carnet concept of offering a discount when passengers buy multiple tickets and what combination of potential features appealed to them most.
    Click here to view the report.
  • Smartcards on c2c: what do passengers think?
    The train company c2c introduced smart ticketing in 2014 and this research reveals the views and experiences of both c2c passengers and staff.
    Click here to view the report.
  • Using smartcards on rail in the south east of England: what do passengers want?
    This research explored what passengers need and want when it comes to smartcards. It found out more about passenger expectations of smartcards and their reactions to how a smartcard may work.
    Click here to view the report.
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