Inclusive Transport Strategy published by Department for Transport

25 July 2018

Commenting on the new Inclusive Transport Strategy published today by the Department for Transport, Anthony Smith, chief executive at the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:

“First and last, reliable services and well maintained facilities are essential to ensure disruption does not kill mobility for people with disabilities when they travel. In the twenty first century no one should struggle to find an accessible toilet or secure the help required to catch or get off a train or bus. Clearly we are making progress; the strategy and the investment it heralds are to be welcomed. But many organisations and their staff must now get behind all the changes required to deliver the better accessibility for people with disabilities promised by the strategy across the road, bus and rail networks. Coming just a day after we published our latest Motorway Services User Survey, we particularly welcome money for more toilets to suit people with severe cognitive or physical disabilities, as well as more audio and visual equipment on buses, and efforts to streamline ‘Passenger Assist’ on the railways.”


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