Investment in rail in the north – Passenger Focus response

23 March 2015

Responding to the Government’s transport plans for the north, David Sidebottom, Passenger Focus director, said: 

“Passengers in the north will welcome anything that brings them closer to the vision of more comfortable trains running a quicker, more reliable service.  Smart ticketing and the value for money options it could offer will be a step in the right direction.

“It is critical that this investment is focused on the things passengers tell us they want – a reliable day-to-day service, better value tickets and enough room to sit or stand. Quicker journey times will be popular but the key thing is the delivery of the advertised timetable.”

* * * * *

David Sidebottom also responded to the news that First TransPennine Express will continue to operate services across the north for another year until April 2016: 

“Passengers will be looking to see that this contract will offer real, timely benefits to them. Their top priorities for the TransPennine service are being able to get a seat, value for money tickets and frequency of services.

“We know that passengers’ trust in the rail industry can only be boosted by delivering a consistent day to day service, honest communication and managing delays well. We will be monitoring this with research on passengers.”


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