Mandatory face coverings on public transport comes into force in England

15 June 2020

Commenting on face coverings becoming mandatory on public transport in England as non-essential shops reopen, Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith,  said:

“While many people will be thinking about a trip to the shops, public transport must be kept clear for essential workers and those that have no other option to get to work.

“Passengers urgently need clear information from Government and operators in advance as to whether face coverings will need to be worn at stations and bus stops as well as onboard trains and buses, or if they will be turned away if they aren’t wearing one.”

Notes to editors 
 In Transport Focus’s latest survey 67 per cent of people would not be happy using public transport unless passengers are required to wear face masks or covering.

New Transport Focus analysis shows the proportion of people who think face coverings should be a requirement on public transport has been consistently above 50 per cent since week one of the survey.

Passenger comments on face masks:

“Everyone should be made to wear a mask or they will not be allowed to travel.”

“There will be issues with people who don’t cover their face, and it will cause friction between passengers. I don’t want to wear a face mask, but I understand that it may help to protect others…”

 “The directive to wear face masks will put many people off. Some people will find it frightening, others will not be able to wear masks due to health conditions such as asthma. Deaf people who lip read will also struggle to be around lots of people in masks.”

 “My concern is that that social distancing cannot be maintained and that everyone wearing a mask is not fully the answer.”

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