New timetable: how Transport Focus will monitor effect on Southern passengers

08 July 2016

Southern passengers will have a new timetable from Monday, leading to concerns about lack of service to some stations and increased overcrowding at others.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, said:

“Southern passengers are understandably frustrated to hear that the solution to an unreliable service is to cut that service. While this drastic step could well bring the reliability that people need, there will be those who lose out as a result.

“We will be monitoring how well the new timetable works, how well passengers are being kept informed about the changes, and are asking passengers to let us know directly how they have been impacted on Twitter using the #passengervoice.  We will also shortly be inviting all passengers on Southern and other Thameslink services to download a feedback app to have their say.

“We want to see discounted tickets and increased compensation for passengers facing daily inconvenience – offered proactively, without making passengers jump through hoops. And of course talks must continue between the industry and the union.”


For media enquiries please call head of communications Sara Nelson on 0300 123 0820

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