Passenger Focus response to spending review and infrastructure announcements

27 June 2013

Focusing on passenger priorities more important than ever

The independent passenger watchdog today responded to yesterday’s spending review and today’s infrastructure announcements.

Passenger Focus chief executive Anthony Smith said: “Passengers will welcome continued investment in rail and bus services, which will underpin rising passenger revenue. Long-term investment is key to keeping passenger satisfaction steady and numbers increasing. What is also crucial is that any changes or new plans are made with passengers’ needs foremost – it is now even more important that spending priorities involve and are focused on passengers.”

As passengers are now the main funders of the railway industry, Passenger Focus has been working with Government and industry to boost the passenger voice in rail franchising

Later this year we will publish a report and hold a seminar on the same theme for the bus industry.  Following this we will publish the results of our work to improve our understanding of where, when and why buses are delayed and how problems can best be addressed. It is clear that bus passengers and councils are going to see difficult decisions about the level of bus services provided locally. We recommend local transport authorities, operators and bus passenger groups look at Passenger Focus’s work on consultation over service changes and the effect of service reductions

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