Passenger Focus tells London Midland to do more to compensate passengers

28 March 2013

“We understand the problem but you need to compensate your passengers” – that is the message from Passenger Focus to London Midland as the driver shortage continues to cause frustration for many, and looks set to continue at least until mid-December.

Passenger Focus met with the company to make sure that everything possible is done to reduce disruption and inconvenience to passengers – and also to provide some kind of goodwill gesture to make up for the inconvenience.

David Sidebottom, passenger director at Passenger Focus, said: “London Midland has improved the information available to passengers and we are glad that they were willing to work with us to try to improve the situation. We are encouraging the company to go further and to be flexible with the way they compensate those who have been affected.

“ ‘Delay repay’ compensation payments kick in once the passenger is 30 minutes late arriving at their destination – but if you’re delayed by 28 or 29 minutes, or even less on a regular basis, the inconvenience can be as great, so we are pushing for a more fair and reasonable interpretation of the rules while this problem is sorted out. We would also like to see a compensation payment to season ticket holders, on top of delay repay.”

Passenger Focus welcomed the company’s work with bus providers to make sure that passengers weren’t left stranded, and is keen to see this arrangement made formal rather than organised on a case-by-case basis.

David added: “London Midland must keep up the flow of information and make certain that staff are on hand to help passengers. It must also do everything possible to arrange alternative travel plans – ensuring that it doesn’t further strain passengers’ patience.”


Notes to editors

  1. Delay repay applies to all ticket types (including season tickets) and is irrespective of what caused the delay. Compensation starts after 30 minutes delay (50% of single ticket), increasing after 60 minutes delay (100% of single ticket).  
  2. Passenger Focus is the official, independent consumer organisation representing the interests of rail users nationally and bus, coach and tram users across England outside London. We want to make a difference for rail, bus, coach and tram passengers.
    We’ll do this by:
    – providing authoritative advice for industry based on sound research
    – securing improvements to services – both big and small-scale improvements
    – helping passengers with advice and information
    – campaigning for change
    – acting on rail passenger complaints
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    Dervish Mertcan
    Communications Officer
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