Passenger Voice December 2015: Bus passenger satisfaction riding high

27 November 2015

Nine in ten passengers in the West Midlands are satisfied with their bus journey.

This latest result comes from an in-depth study of bus passenger satisfaction in the West Midlands. The results reveal that passengers have noted vast improvements since autumn 2014.

With the next wave of the Bus Passenger Survey (BPS), it’s a good time to look at how this this research improves services for passengers.

Centro in the West Midlands was keen to understand what it needed to focus on for more satisfied passengers. Our research showed that overall satisfaction is up by eight per cent from 79 per cent in 2012 to 87 per cent for the past two years.

Punctuality is a key priority for passengers, so it’s good to see a five per cent rise in satisfaction with this. 81 per cent are now happy with the time their bus arrives.

Our passenger director, David Sidebottom, said:

“Centro and bus operators can be proud of these results, particularly the increase in passenger satisfaction with punctuality.

“Of course, we’ve identified areas for improvement which need to be taken seriously and addressed. However, these findings should be a boost for Centro, operators and passengers.”

Our next bus passenger survey results will be published in spring 2016.

The full results can be found here.


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