Passenger Voice January 2016: Bus passenger survey out on the road

21 December 2015

Thank you to all of you who told us about what you think about your bus journey.

We have spoken to more than 35,000 passengers to produce this years’ Bus Passenger Survey (BPS). The work now begins to analyse what you said. Now that our field workers have finished their work out and about on buses, our researchers will be looking at your responses to see what it tells us about levels of satisfaction.

We ask passengers how satisfied they are with a wide range of aspects of their bus journey including the bus stop, waiting for the bus and the bus driver as well as their overall satisfaction with that bus journey and their rating of value for money.

Over the next few months we will be speaking to 41 local authorities and operators to help them understand passengers’ priorities for improvement.

In previous years the survey has helped operators identify problems and better understand where investment in services has made a real difference. We also know of operators that have developed action plans and have embedded BPS in their bus strategy and then gone on to see real improvements.

Other operators have told us how the BPS has highlighted issues they did not even realise were a problem such as the punctuality of buses caused by road works. While another operator used the BPS to target resources towards investing in bus stops and information.

The full results will be out in March.

You can find the 2015 BPS results here.


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